A few days back, I posted an article about child-on-child SA and how it was allowed by school administrators here:


I fired off a letter to the area superintendent expressing my feelings on the matter. I expect them to look at it, then throw it in the trash, but at least it will be heard for a moment. Below is the text:


Ms. Angello,

I read the above article and a related article about a 12-year-old boy who sexually assaulted several first-grade students. Many people have a hard time imagining child-on-child sexual abuse, but it does happen. It happens everyday to vulnerable children, girls AND boys. I know you are familiar with the story of the 12-year-old, only known in the media as F.H. What I really find amazing is that teachers and administrators allowed a known sexually-abusive perpetrator access to other younger children. They turned a blind eye. And then, the district’s attorney had the gall to say that the district cannot be held responsible for failing to protect other children from this perp.
I find it appalling that the schools who want so much to keep their hands on our children are unwilling to take responsibility for their complicity in the damage done to these children. Those boys now need therapy, and face lifelong scars, trauma and nightmares. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just “get over it.” The teachers and administrators who knew and did nothing should be fired and criminally charged for knowingly allowing other children to come to harm. Events like this bolster arguments in favor of home-schooling. Every time I hear a school district doing anything “for the children,” I will think of this example of neglect and abuse on the part of school officials.




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