Yes Puffer, terrible crime is done while making such pictures and videos and no one should look and search for such material on internet and there is no penalty that could restore damage done to victims frown

I'm not legal expert but I'm genuinely interested to learn more about it as evidences of it's inadequacy are around us on every corner (no matter on part of world where we are living) and in case of abuse it is more than important to have things working.
So I found interesting debate about this particular case which is almost cited as example of disproportion. Some experts said that this person would get lower sentence actually if he made some of those videos and there is source of talks and questions.
Here is the link:

One of the things that I've learned is that Mr. Berger was member of couple of sites from which some had asked to have 10,000 images to become member which is more than gross, however evidences have never found expect those 20 pictures...

Just idea for thinking I have more questions here, would be nice to learn who allowed existence of such sites to operate and access it, wonder if some of them were establish in US or by US citizens? Has modern society made any step to fight of such behavior? I don't thinks so, beside political debates and fights between countries institution/organization that should introduce law enforcement on internet on global scale doesn't exist frown

And secondly I would like to learn if there were more prosecutions of people who made such videos as well if any of children were saved from those photos.
Interesting would be also to learn how and why one legal system allows individuals with pedophile tendencies expressing their views and organizing associations and groups trough different entities and internet sites.
Other good question that I've recently just become aware is how is possible that same legal system made just couple of prosecutions related to priest's abuse of children when there are so many known cases of abuse and huge amount of money is paid. It seems like only money matters and all that looks so corrupted and rotten. Again because on nature of such crimes and people who did it we are talking about fueling global problems with such enforcement on "local" level.

I can only conclude that I would like to see much much more done in protecting children and victims of abuse frown


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