ive already talked baout how i was abused i just dident go into detail.... usually when i read peoples storys it has something to do with mine...when i was being sexually abused by my cousin it was usally in his theater.. see are whols family are really rich and it gets me mad becase they think that they could do anything but not my dad my dad is awsome ven thogh i dont see him very offten but its ok well back to my story im in the theater and he puts on porno and i try to walk out but he tells me to sit so i do so. when he got hard he took my hand and put it on his privite a few mintes later he would force my head down and i would strugle to get up... about a year of fighting i give up he was just to strong so everytime i saw him it would happen. When he took my brother to target he took my gehing target n his car and he forced my head down again. Theres alot more but i dont want to go there........ i just want to say is that we need people to know how much we are suffring about this.. we need to get it on the news

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[url=link] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSWUYeNDwX0

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