No the situation doesn't arise all that often, and that's okay with me at this point in my life as I don't really want to talk about with many people I know right now.

The few occasions when I have told my friends and family have been incredibly difficult, and I did have to force myself to tell them, but the subject did come up, even if it was a generic "what's bothering you so much."

Frankly, I already feel lonley and isolated, and it is for much different reasons than not discussing my personal problems with everyone in my life. It may well contribute to it, but I conisder it comparatively inconsequential.

My point was that before I can discuss my abuse with anyone other than those extreamly close to me, I need to get myself to a point where I can live my life instead of just being alive and where I can think about my abuse without either wanting to cry or hurt someone or destroy something.