I know there has been some discussion about becoming more politically active here and would like to share some resources I have become involved in. The first is an organization called the National Coalition of Free Men. This is a non-profit educational & civil rights organization that looks at the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys. NCFM publishes "Transitions: Journal of Men's Perspectives" six times a year and sponsors various activities according to the interests of its volunteers. The organization has chapter around the country and is looking to create more.

Web site: http://www.ncfm.org/about-ncfm.php

The Web site also has many links to current Menís issues in Domestic Violence, Reproduction Rights, Parenting Rights, and simply Menís Health. It also has links to organizations that can offer help as well.

This site is also where I became aware of a Bill in Congress to establish an Office of Menís Health. Senator Mike Crapo and Representative Vito Fossella have introduced bills which would establish an Office of Men's Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This office would mirror the work of the existing Office of Women's Health, which has helped to save thousands of women's lives and has improved the lives of many more.

Web Site: http://www.menshealthoffice.info/index.htm

The site also has a pre-written letter you can send your representative in support of the Bill. I encourage all men to do this.

Finally I would like to invite anyone interested in discussing how to organize and become politically active to contact me at Gov041@hotmail.com. I am living in Seattle Washington and there are few resources here for men. I would like to change that.

John Hellriegel