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#135110 - 08/25/06 05:25 AM Question of health
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Registered: 06/03/05
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I have question, of anyone who perhaps is of medical knowledge, to ask this.

I have been having much pain, continued pain, for some months now. I have some regular health problems, I have the rhumatic arthritis, and a heart problem that is fixed more now after surgery earlier this year. I am use to some of regular pains.

but, since I was in hospital earlier this year with bad infection, in January, I have had much more the pain, and it is not as the arthritis, where just is in the bones and where I bend. It is just all over, pain. It is sometime, simple things, even someone to touch me on shoulder or something, it cause much increased pain, like it is my skin is burning. I did get change of my arhtritis medicine near month and half ago, but this is been happening longer of that, so I do not think it is from the medicines. I never have anything as this before, I am not sure of what it is. My doctor, he is rather confused of it, he say if it do not go away, we can do more the tests for it, to try to find what is wrong. I do not know if anyone know of this, what it could be wrong, but I will be glad anyone who can speak of it to me?

Thank you.


#135111 - 08/25/06 07:00 PM Re: Question of health
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Has your doctor checked for shingles? It's the chicken pox virus revisted and can cause excruciating, all over pain like you describe. My boss just got over it after months and month or pain. His whole body hurt so much that even the weight of his shirts was painful.


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#135112 - 08/28/06 03:38 PM Re: Question of health
markgreyblue Offline

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Visha -

I had shingles too - it's stress induced -

It's VERY painful - I had it when I worked at Corporate work - I had it on my head - it was so maddening painful -

But I do not know if it would last for months and you would see the blisters which is a sign of it -
I believe - that is what I had -

I am going to throw out ideas for you about what your pain might be -

but perhaps describe the kind of pain a little more and I will research it as best I can -

For one - I know you had this pain starting after the operation --- yes?

I know your operation had --- a chest incision ?

Ask your doctor - if there could have been nerves cut -

ALSO - when I started to heal -

I got different sensations in my body -

My body ached and ached - because =

I had a new relationship with it - I guess - it was like I was starting to feel it - ?

I don't understand - why ?

but there were moments of pain where it felt my fingertips were snapping -

and then also

I know - with trauma -

If someone touches me - unannounced - I jump
high - a big startle response -

- Perphaps it is something to do with - the unnanounced touching -

for the kids who are abused - any

violation of the body -

even 'sound' as it is for me - is very "jump - making' - and at times painful

I am a strong person - it's just that sometimes it 'gets in' and it's like lighetning -

I will look some more and find web sites

Take it easy - keep well -


" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous

#135113 - 08/28/06 08:14 PM Re: Question of health
Paul1959 Offline

Registered: 05/17/06
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Loc: NYC
If you have rheumatoid arthritis, it is an auto-immune disease. Closely associated with that is Fibromyalgia and Lupus.

Please ask your doctor about these. They are often misdiagnosed as arthritis in the early stages and even imitate arthritis in the early stages. Fibromyalgia causes all over aches and pains such as you describe. What meds are you on? Methotrexate is a good start.

If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, you need to be seeing a Rheumatologist. There are treatments available - no cures, but many treatments - so there is lots of hope for a normal life.
PM me for more info and what questions to ask your doctor - but this is beyond most doctor's expertise.

#135114 - 08/31/06 08:10 AM Re: Question of health
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Registered: 06/03/05
Posts: 723
Thank you, all who respond of this.

The arthritis, I do go to specialist doctor for that. It is been, I have had that for since I was child, so it is not new they diagnose it. I am already taking the methrexate and also the plaquanil that start last month. Also some naturals, that I been taking for so many years.

My doctor, he say to do some more tests, try see what it is. Thank you, all who offer to me information.



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