I guess that overeating must be worse than not eating.

I just dont eat anything much at all ans seem to go on cycles of living on nothing much.

I had to travel to a town about 4 miles away, so it meant me catching the blue train, and change at a station, distance 10 miles, I should have paid more as this train crosses a boundary.

I was physically sick on the platform with almost no food inside me, and when I talk to my doc about it, she ignores it along with sleep probs.

Maybe she thinks I am OK, I have to get away from this negative thing about food, and it is stress that brings it forward.

If I go to the take away and see the cantonese chefs tossing all this food in their woks, I just feel so hungry, but if I buy a meal, I have so much trouble eating my way through it.

Even though I love to eat it, I feel full so quickly, discard the meal and then feel hungry again, I cannot win,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!