Hey All,

I have come across some good, practicable information. This is a really long winded
post - take it for what it's worth - if you feel like reading and stuff.. if you got info to add please help me and us all out and add it -
I know now I do enough for my health after this past month - I could be eating better but
I can live with what I am doing.. enjoy!

Last month I walked past a Bookshop
where there was a magazine on the stand
with the title article headlined:
"You DO What You Eat"

I started to read snippets but it really set off
the notion that had come to me by working with workout trainer and through trial and error.

Food afterall is a "drug."
We use it for it's effects and supplemental values: energy, nurtrient,pleasure et..

A few examples here:

A friend from Florida, a super smart guy had a hyper activity problem as a child, It overwhelmed his mother. (he was 4 or 5 then and he is now 43.) She truly thought, he is going to be put on meds or something drastic, this was in the 1960's.
She could not think what to do. She went to the Doctor and nutritionist. They reccomended cut out sugars and cakes etc... She did and sure enough, in a little time, his energy and 'spasticity' \:\) was managed.

The cover article of this magazine talked about how the processed foods and high sugars affect the agressivity and stability
of everyone. Sadly, children the high spikes of insulation to bad diet are now causing misdiagnosis of ADD thus leading to medicating

I spoke with the Sales person at the Vitamin Store on Church Street and she said that
a famous Doctor it quoted as saying,
this is a fascimile of what he said:

"..The money you cut corners on to feed yourself,
with cheap - not good - food, will be paid instead to the Doctor and Hospital
system for the Care you will need to have,
in some way or another..",

..heavy eh?

I also had a trainer, He gave me a diet that
serves to give you energy throughout the day
which helps with building muscle, staying trim
and also promoting good and substaning energy.
This energy also then helps with mental health,
as it helped me deal with 'bumps in the road a little better, since I was not battle my body's craziness from not being properly fortified with food or vitamins!

(it's a great diet - I still have it, if anyone wants it.)


I have been told by another personal trainer

I have proven this to myself just this past week
and for those of us with PTSD
- it adds up! I felt like shit - I worked out all the time and I felt worse and worse - had
worse and worse workouts too \:\(

WHEN you work out, your muscles need a day of rest. BUT not ONLY ARE YOUR MUSCLES AFFECTED

Your nervous system is thrown into chaos by a heavy workout and you need to rest for your nerves too!!

So anyway that's my two cents -

Please don't say "we owe you change" \:\(


"...do not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous