Hello all and some in particular,

I know this is an old topic, but one that I have difficulties with and has been apparent this last week.

I have trouble accepting compliments and sentiments of thanks.

I think the inability to accept compliments is mostly that I am my own worst critic. When I am applauded for a job well done, I am looking at what I could have done better. Leosha’s old signature said something like, “if you strive for perfection, if you fall short, you’ve done pretty good”, I don’t remember who that quote was attributed to. My problem is that I see the mark of perfection being missed, rather than the level of goodness achieved, thus not worthy of the compliment.

Instead of a thank-you to a sentiment of thanks/gratitude, I usually reply with a “no problem”. My outlook of life is that it is my, and others', responsibility to society to be kind and considerate to all, and helpful of those in need. Something that I thrive to live by, although I don’t always hit that mark. Thus, I am not worthy of thanks for the times I missed the mark, rather than for the times I do. I know that a lot of people in our society do not live by my goal of being a kind, considerate, and helpful person; what a shame, so I should consider myself worthy of the gratitude of others. Something I will work on.

So, with that said,
To all those that have paid me a compliment, Thank-you .
To all those that have given me their gratitude of thanks, Your welcome .

Sorry for not being more considerate of your sentiments,

Pain is Temporary; Quitting lasts Forever. - Lance Armstrong