there's really no need to rush around

i've found my relationships in the past few days

surprisingly more fulfilling

and two ways than i knew -

i played with my birds yesterday and watched them

bathe \:\)

and then afterwords - I blew my breath on them

they loved that!

i said "you've got pretty feet!"

they were so funny -

and then ... i put them to bed -

shut the blinds

i didn't sleep so good -

i was lonely -

i don't like being alone sometimes

i woke today really early -

and made it out to Timothy's

and then saw Elizabeth and then
sat and listened -

we parted -

i meandered home the sun coming up

and the air so easy a tempurature-

-- i drew the blinds for 'the girls'

they didn't want o get up

i even opened the windows -

and let the other sparrows chirping come in

but they were happy to stay asleep \:\)

so i came upstairs and lied down too

and slept and woke up

and thought rather than go to the gym

i will play with my aol radio

thanks Pierre and Margaret - \:\)

to just relax and feel my bed - and see the sunny morning and hear the nature sounds

there's no need to rush around ..

hi everybody!

" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous