across the courtyard from me in the upper levels of one of the town homes -

there is a gay couple - middle aged - professionals --

very handsome but a bit naughty lol -

it used to make me weirded out at first -

but then - i started to just laugh about it -

as did the workmen who would come in - and say

'hey!!! would you look at that! free show!'

you see at the top of the town home -is a picture window - which is also part of shower stall for their home -

and it's barely frosted -

so each day - I see them there -

when i happen to look out at the world -

often - more often than not -

one of them is in the shower -

cleaning himself well.

it's fun - or funny - was weird at first -
I would sit there by the phone - and chat with my boston buddy - and then suddenly look out the window - and say - uh oh here we go again -
and we would laugh - and still do!

they're nice guys - a bit naughty -

as when i first introduced myself -
(i had caught them looking at me - when I was first looking at them.) \:\)

and they said 'Well,,, hellloooooo!'

it was weird - but - just totally them -

very professional on the outside -

with one - little weirdness of an "here I am world - shower stall" -

it's actually a cool thing - as the sunlight in sumer goes right in -

if it were private -it woudl be great I bet -

(the neighbours prior to them - I hear really
were completely inappropriate - another gay couple and I couldn't possibly comment any further!)


" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous