The kid in me is beautiful, he keeps me on the ground, he was hurt in so many ways but he knows I look after him, just as he looks after me, I keep him safe in situations, hide him from danger, I tell him the danger has gone, he too guides me from danger.

Sometimes he distracts me, he wants me to be there to fix what was, sometimes when I am talking he distracts me, but he comes first, he always knows that. He knows we are now together, getting there and getting better by the day, he gives me the smile that I once used as that kid.

I know I cannot leave him, we have gone thru so much together, but we fixed everyting along the way, alas not everything can be fixed, as you see friends and family slip away.

Some friendships should never be broken, they mean so much to us all, the bright shining kid, we can all recall, he will never leave me nor me leave him life would not be worth living, I let him play now with joy and laughter, looking into the night, seeing the beauty of life thru big brown eyes and wondering what future the world will bring.

I can never leave him behind, I tried one time, and it made my life a misery when I couldn't remember him, but we are together now as heavenly twins, I still have his spirit, he has mine, he knew I would protect him and I did, and will for all time

God bless


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!