Stories I have heard reported on nightly TV news include a young son forced to watch his father tortured to death, and a 10 year old boy being raped while his father is forced to watch. These victims were randomly picked up off the street by our soldiers and brought in for interrogation.

What kind of man or woman signs up for these crimes against humanity? I think I can guess. I have no doubt some of our fathers and mothers could gain prestige there.

Then I hear some of the torturers were contracted by our government to extract information. So we have professional torturers working for profit in this country?

Tell me again why the people we’re purportedly trying to rescue, have been given no cause to be vehemently angry at the U.S., and why only for our death is a reason to live?

I cannot believe this is a new experience for our government. We are the world experts. As I understand it, these techniques are part of the curriculum at the School of the Americas where we have taught and continue to teach other nations as well as terrorists, and who knows who else.

The disillusionment continues.....................

Kerry may lack in some things, but I believe he has a conscience. Bush does these things in the name of God