I should be participating in Mike Lew's first workshop in Kettlewell, UK this summer. The first workshop is for therapists and professionals working with male survivors.
So I am making an appeal to the guys here who will be going or will be around that area. I will be stopping in London for a few days too so if you want to meet up, I will be happy too !
I am a survivor myself and still I consider myself a partner too though things are rocky with my love.
I am going to Kettlewell because I am currently doing a Master in Art Therapy in Paris and I want to specialize in helping male survivors through my art which is theatre.
You can write me here on the site.
I will be in Montreal this autumn. As part of my training I have looked for an internship in Canada and I have been accepted in CPIVAS (a centre for survivors in Laval, really close to Montreal) for a 4 weeks internship. I will be staying in Deux Montagnes so if members are around that area, I would love to meet you too !
Much love to you all

Mitakuye oyasin ! We are all related !