. Elder gent working on his yard becomes aware that the large breasted Blondie next door has been out to her mailbox many times this morning.
.. Not wanting to seem rude he ignores it. but then after lunch, it begins again.
.. About 2pm he sees her rip the mailbox off it's post and start for the door.

.. Now he has to find out why. he waves a friendly 'hello' and walks to the property line, and asks if there is a problem.

.. In a huff' the blonde says: "Yes, my computer keeps telling me, 'you've got mail'


Two blondes, one on each side of the river.
One shouts to the other.
How do I get to the other side!
The other looks up and down the river.

She exclaims; But honey, you are on the other side!

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!