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#124844 - 07/21/03 05:36 PM Psychosis or even Schichzophrenia.
Mike Church Offline
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A survivor sent this item to me and asked if it would be ok to post a thread. He has been wondering wondering if any of us suffer from psychosis or even schichzophrenia (wish I would look at a dictionary). Things like visions or hallucinations of stuff that isnt made up from memories altho it is offten triggered by them. what kind of meds work,them does thereapy or exercise or anything help? if they have a partner, how does the partner cope with it?

I think it is a valid topic and would like to hear from all of you that suffer from this as to what works, etc. For myself it has been so long ago that I have a hard time remembering. I only get the nightmares now and can deal with them. I do know that Effexor has helped me a lot as has exercise. My wife is very supportive too. I have found that if I go to bed physicall tired from exercise and do not drink coffee my sleep is a lot better but this issue is more of a wide awake nightmare.



#124845 - 08/10/03 01:24 AM Re: Psychosis or even Schichzophrenia.
Sick Puppy Offline

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I have schizophrenia. I take 8mg of Risperdal (4mg in the morning, 4mg in the evening) for it. I find that it works very well but everyone has a different med that would work for them. I have a friend who takes Geodon and that works good for him, but it didn't work for me.

For the most part my meds have it under control but when I get very stressed or tired the meds tend to lose effect. I find that physical activity sometimes works because it takes my mind off my mind and I have to focus on & pay attention to my body. It is grounding.

My partner is very good at dealing with it, he does not tell me to "snap out of it" or get annoyed like a lot of people do. It does not help a schizophrenic very much when you tell them that what they are seeing/hearing/imagining isn't real, because they won't believe that. It is better to act as if the things were real, but say that they can't hurt you or do any harm. My partner understands this and he has read some books on the subject so he knows how to be very supportive. \:\)

I hope that helped!

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#124846 - 08/08/04 12:30 PM Re: Psychosis or even Schichzophrenia.
Leosha Offline

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I take Geodon, along with several antidepressants. Have been on Mellaril, Risperdal, Zyprexa, and the evil Haldol (drug of satan). With panic, flashbacks, I would have severe paranoia, severe hallucinations, voices, visual and tactile as well. Also, with the DID, I at some point or other 'switch' out to another. I guess in some way it is psychosis of some sort.


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#124847 - 08/16/04 03:15 PM Re: Psychosis or even Schichzophrenia.
Jordansmom Offline
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Since many of the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Schizophrenia are similar (paranoia, severe hallucinations, voices), I wonder how many survivors have been diagnosed incorrectly

After and handful of psychiatrists diagnosed and over medicated my sexually abused 10-year old son, I finally found an EXPERT in the field ( Dr. McKenna quickly disagreed with the initial diagnosis, took him off the medication and began working with him. Her final diagnosis was Dissociative Identity Disorder secondary to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. While she worked with my son, I was given two important responsibilities..... to create a very structured environment and to hold him accountable for his behavior.

Although I do sense some “switching” going on now and then, he has managed to lead a semi-normal life without medication.

*Hoping its okay to mention the doctors name and type the link*


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