i took mike's advice - and did just kick back today - well this afternoon -

i went down to Queen Street - just wandererd
took pics of the signs etc..

and then - walked home - walking in the cool rainy end of day -

i got to a diner and ordered my meal -

i sat - it seemed that when i was at last missing something-

i am awakening now to a thing buried so far -

in that i sat there - i realized i saw people in relationships -

and i never really planned for one -

i never thought it possible in truth -

i could sort of project a warm and fuzzy thing out there - but that was the developed sense of it -

so i really have not been ready - and subsequently these brief things have not worked

and so i sat there - thinking - and solid enough to see what it would be like -

i started to see that the concept ingrained
was to have to live in
someone's world view -

as this is what was the expectation -

not possible - methinks -

but i started to sit up - more realistic and aware -

a blonde young man early 30s walks in
is so giving me the fish eye -

at first i think cute-
then it is slowly becoming apparent he is just horny just wants ...

so it was a turn off -

and of course then his girl friend comes in

so gross - please - go away!

so i sat there thinking -

and yeah looking down at my sheperd's pie
thinking what this would be naming in
Cockney London English -
ok - the vicar's wife-

so this is what is going down -

hope you are having a nice Friday


"...do not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous