Today I just found out something thats scaring the shit out of me. Some time, before i was diagnosed with schizophrenia but i dont know if it was before or after my memories of abuse came back. while i was still at school, I went to two hospitals in the same night. I dont remember any of this! My social worker found a file that said i was sent from the mainly physical hospital, KGH, to the hospital, Hotel Dieu, that is better for psychiatric patients(though not a mental hospitl). I dont remember ever going to KGH, but there are records(which I havent seen yet) that show what happened. I really afraid that i might have hurt someone.

What if the police took me in?

What if I wandered across the city to KGH?

What if something happened to me again and they found me in a fucking ditch or somehting?

Im really worried and its gonna be a few days before i see those files. What really gets me is no one ever told me until now and its been something like nine months.

please pvt msg me, I need advice

how are you?