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#124215 - 07/26/05 01:07 PM Re: away for awhile
kaceechase Offline

Registered: 07/05/05
Posts: 132
Loc: Georgia
Kevin My Greatest thoughts and Most wonderful feelings go with you wherever you need to go. You have helped me so much to see the world different and did Jake. I see hope again. I know there is Hope for the future when there are people like you and jake and so Many more here. You will always have a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen or just a hug when you need it from me and I think I can speak for most here when I say that.

You have your own Journey now as do we all but yours is about to explode I know and I also know you will survive. That is not a question any more. You have grown and you have helped me to grow as well. Jakes Spirit is always here for us and I am happy to have shared in just a small part of it so I wont make the same mistake I did with him and take you for granted. I thought I had forever to get to know Jake-

Kevin I learned to say My heart from now on just in case--we are not promised tomorrow. I admire you and Look forward to hearing about your Journey where ever it leads. All my best and good Luck.

Come What May!
My name is Ken
I am a Work in Progress, Please excuse the mess from time to time!

I finally Realize, The abuse and it's Direct effects are NOT MY FAULT but The Rest of MY Life IS!

#124216 - 07/26/05 05:35 PM Re: away for awhile
reality2k4 Offline

Registered: 07/06/04
Posts: 6845
Loc: Stuck between water, air, and ...
(((Kev))) I am glad about last night, it was not easy, but yes, you have a whole load of friends.

You can be kev, and just be you, with your dad on an adventure, and it will all be better soon.

We will always be here for you, and we all care, and now you are seeing just how many do care, and treat you the same, like its meant to be.

See you soon,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!

#124217 - 07/26/05 05:36 PM Re: away for awhile
FLRich Offline

Registered: 06/21/04
Posts: 1404
He told me do i want to do that & just figure things out & just be Kevin for awhile. Thats really important too.

This is the most important thing for you. What could be more important than trying to figure things out and being Kev for a while?

I know I haven't communicated as much with you as I would like. Reading is difficult for me, and I tend to read in certain areas, but that is no excuse. I remember times in the chatroom with you, Charlie, Ste, Jake, and others. You always impressed me with your spunk and determination.

You deserve this time away from others. You need this time away from others. Be safe my friend, and know we look for you back with us soon.

#124218 - 07/26/05 08:00 PM Re: away for awhile
ForeverFighting Offline

Registered: 02/09/05
Posts: 1253
Loc: New Mexico, USA
Take care of yourself, Kevin. I'm so sorry about Jake. You deserve a vacation. And how nice to spend it with your dad.

I'm proud of you, Kevin. It's nice to have you as one of the guys around here. You've done amazing things. For instance, knowing enough to take a break and go on vacation when things get really tough. I'm not always smart enough to do that.

Take your time. And again, I'm so sorry for your losing Jake. He meant a lot to me, too. I can't make chat work on my home computer or I would have joined all of you last night. He was a good guy like you, Kevin.

"This search for the truth--it's not for the faint of heart."--Goren on 'Law & Order: CI'
"The former things will not be called to mind, nor will they come up into the heart."--Isaiah 65:17

#124219 - 07/26/05 09:32 PM Re: away for awhile
sabooka Offline

Registered: 05/19/05
Posts: 209
Loc: I would like to know also
Kev, good for you for looking out for your self.. I am sorry for the loss you feel. Take good care of Kev and come back when you are ready. we will all be waiting for you.

take care


My happiness is not dependant on other people's misery.

#124220 - 07/27/05 12:05 AM Re: away for awhile
TJ jeff Offline

Registered: 08/07/04
Posts: 3591
Loc: Northern Wisconsin

I am so glad that you are doing this for you

I love the outdoors (might explain why I live 8 miles from the nearest town) - when I need time to sort things out in my head I often head up into the blue hills - I may be heading there soon...

I am so glad that your Dad is going with you - I very often wished for that kind of quality time alone with my Dad when I was younger - cherish your time with him

Talk to you in a few...

Have a good time exploring...

Tj jeff

Who will cry for the little boy? - I will... - Antwone Fisher

Abuse happens in silence/isolation - Recovery happens only when that silence/isolation is broken...

TJ's History

#124221 - 07/27/05 04:59 AM Re: away for awhile
roadrunner Offline
Administrator Emeritus

Registered: 05/02/05
Posts: 22045
Loc: Carlisle, PA

It is absolutely okay to be you! I think this time in the mountains with your Dad is a great idea. It will be quiet and peaceful and you will have whatever time you need. But most importantly you can be a teenager going camping in the woods with his Dad and having a lot of fun. That is so great!


Nobody living can ever stop me
As I go walking my freedom highway.
Nobody living can make me turn back:
This land was made for you and me.
(Woody Guthrie)

#124222 - 07/28/05 04:32 AM Re: away for awhile
Nathan LaChine Offline

Registered: 02/22/03
Posts: 5423
Loc: Washington State

You take care of your self my friend. I am glad that you will get time to just be kevin. Lord knows we all need time to just be our self. You enjoy being away from the word and just listen to the sounds of Mother Nature, she can teach you alot. When your ready we will be waiting for you. My hopes and good wishies are with you always.

lots of love, Nathan

#124224 - 08/08/05 10:42 PM Re: away for awhile
reality2k4 Offline

Registered: 07/06/04
Posts: 6845
Loc: Stuck between water, air, and ...
Kev, it must be so cool to have little brothers, they are always fun and mischief.

Having a big brother like you must be cool for them to, and I bet you can teach them loads,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!

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