"and he shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh, and bear fruit" or something like that.
I'm just trying to wrap my head around why this woman is hooked on her son. They are made of the same dna so that makes them that much more one. _However_ incest usually becomes a deviding factor in reproduction as I understand. 2 differant people, opposites even can "be fruitful and multiply" but two people too closely related may have unhealthy children -If the kids make it at all. I once heard of this fertility issue where sometimes a couple can be so close in genes they almost seem related. This was the case for a couple who kept having miscarriages (saw that on the news). I've also met people who are the product of incest, and they don't seem quite right. Generations of 'royal inbreeding' has also lead to weakening bloodlines. I don't think that topic has been explored much but I'm thinking conclusions could be drawn based on that (inbreeding the cause of weakening bloodlines). Bottom line is inbreeding is generally not good, and now it seems this woman wants to keep her child. This is about the 3rd time she has become pregnant by him.
Basically I'm hoping someone can shed some more light on this subject, either w/>