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Independent Film Channel - cable or satellite

For movie lovers who want a little bit unusual fare, this channel is for you. Now that Sundance has become a wee bit commercialized (not that I still don't prefer it to the prefabricated programming on the rest of Starz! Network) and most of the good oldies have been taken by Turner Classic Movies, this little patch of movie independance brings us the oddball stuff that is both new and classic.

This was, to my knowledge, the first film network to show the excellent documentary "Frazetta - Painting With Fire." It also plays good small American films such as "The Apostle" "Made," and "Waking Life," and even gives us a bit of whimsy with film chat shows like "Dinner For Five" featuring Jon Favreau. Thrown in for good measure is its continuing support of short films with its show, "IFC Shorts Collection" and inspiring the film geek in all of us with both "IFC Film School" and "The Ultimate Film Fanatic."

A great channel for those who want to stray from the commonly-offered examples of American and world cinema.

Until next week, which could be later this week or two weeks from now \:D , keep your hands around a book, your eyes around a movie, and your ears around a good CD.

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