ok - i knew that green tea was a great antioxidant and so when i saw this new green tea product i bought 2 packs and loved it so i finished them within a week -

a great side affect which i had heard that green tea was also good for - was a skin aid -

it's true - my skin really improved over the week of chewing this gum - it's not marketed as such - the gum that is - but - it really made me look a lot smoother - i am getting older now so every little bit helps -

here's the product -

Mega Chewing Gum, Green Tea
24 pieces ea pack -
runs like 4.99 where i got it -

anyway -

enjoy -

(i was also put on this product Renova -
which makes me a little too red for my comfort - so i use it like once a month instead of once a week -
it works but is very strong -
it's like a mini - peel each time you use it -
it really - scientifically proven - keeps you younger looking -
or your skin younger looking but again - i have really sensitive skin - so it makes me too red - for my comfort )

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