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"The Contender" (Movie - Dreamworks Video/DVD)

I have a hangup on double standards, and not JUST about male SA! Why is it that men and male political figures get to have a free pass on their sexual history and women are held accountable for the amount of sexual partners THEY have? This is the question asked by Rod Lurie in the splendid political thriller starring Nancy Allen. To be honest, though, it is INDEED an all-star cast.

In a nutshell; the vice-president dies and the President (Jeff Bridges - excellent as always) names a female congressperson (Allen - also always great) to fill the vacancy. Unfortunately, her shift in parties comes back to haunt her in the form of a bitter, vengeful committee chair (Gary Oldman) who stoops to the gutter in order to stop her conformation. Everyone involved tells Allen's character to fire back in kind, but refuses, saying (wonderfully) that the strength of convictions are only measured when they are inconvenient.

There are a few other instresting subplots as well as other well-acted roles (Sam Eliot as the President's politcally savvy advisor is a treat!), but one can only truly savor the great whole of the movie, and its timely message, by viewing it themselves. In a perfect world, this movie would be recognized as a true modern classic alongside the great political films like "The Manchurian Candidate (original)," "Seven Days in May," "All the President's Men," and "The Candidate." Well worth discovering.

Until next week, honor the undiscovered classics, even if nobody else but you see their beauty and relevence.

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