Yesterday I stuffed a hamper full of goodies for kids, wrapped it in festive paper and took it to the kids home.

Not knowing what to expect, they all beamed on seeing that I had a big present for them.
The guy said they dont get much at this time of year, but it was the best present I ever gave out, with loads of thank you's and Happy Christmas's.

It is in the spirit of paying things forward, a gift from somebody, a stranger, means loads to kids who dont have much.

I was inspired by this;

This is an extract for a prayer on the most holy night, one of finding within, our real way of sprirituality;- From the third testament.

But I ask you: "Do you believe that only this Night deserves to be called holy by men? With a little love, could you not make it possible that every night and day of your existence be holy, so that you may see that all of life, without exception of a single instant, is holy?"

Ah! If you could come with Me in spirit and behold from here all the misery of Humanity!

If the powerful, the wealthy, and those who live surrounded in comfort, would like to be with Me on this night, I would take them in spirit to those places of suffering and poverty which they do not want to see.

Then I would say to them: "Leave your feasting for a while, and together we will go through those places where your poor brethren live. Let us see how they live on this blessed night, of sorrow for some and feasting for others. Do not fear," I would say to them, "I am only asking for a few moments, and then you can return to your feasting and merriment."

Then I would take them from place to place, and I would show them an aged mother who, in the loneliness of her miserable bedroom, mourns the loss of her sons who were her hope, and who were snatched from her by the war.

That woman lives only through memories and prayers. While many become intoxicated with pleasure, she drinks her cup of bitterness; her spirit only waits for that hour to leave this world and penetrate into eternity, because her hope in Humanity has long been dead.

Later I would show them the children, wandering among Humanity who does not respect the life of their fellowman; they do not love nor comprehend those in need.

I would make those men listen to the very profound questions of the children, who, in their human innocence, ask themselves the why of so much injustice, so much hatred, selfishness, and cruelty.

Then I would take them to those places where the moanings and lamentations of the sick are smothered; of those who have seen their body succumb, like a twig breaking when lashed by a hurricane; those are the sick, the rejected, the forgotten ones.

Later on I would allow the prison doors to be opened in order to behold the thousands of beings who have fallen into the darkness of captivity for lack of love, charity, light, justice, and peace.

And thus, from place to place, I would present to them, in one single scene, all the misery and pain which has been brought about by the ambitions, the greed, the hatred, the materialism, and the insatiable thirst for power of the conceited ones with their false lordliness, of those who believe themselves powerful, but are not; neither do they allow others to possess what justly corresponds to them.

However, I do not call on them, because I know that even though My voice is heard within their conscience, they are deaf to its calling.

But you, My beloved people, who are listening to Me, who know of privations, of loneliness, indifference, and forlornness, and for that reason vibrate together with that Humanity who weeps in hunger and thirsts for justice, come to Me, and together, in spirit, we shall visit the sick, the sorrowful, all the poor and forgotten ones of the world.

Do you see those multitudes who are full of animation? They are soldiers who have paused briefly from their battle to offer Me a few minutes of prayer and remembrance; but their joy and animation are fictitious; they eat and drink to calm their sorrows, but in their heart there is great pain.

They suffer, O! My people! They suffer very much, and above all during this night, which is torture for them; each memory is a thorn, each name or face they recall is like a wound.

Many of them suffer, taking away lives, destroying homes and cities, sowing pain, grief, and tears, and then they believe to have lost all rights to return home, to peace, to the bosom of their loved ones.

I know that many of them are not guilty; they do not harbor hatred or perversity in their heart. I know that they are victims, slaves, and instruments of the real guilty ones.

Only I can rescue them, only My love can shield them, for they are alone in the world.

Pray, O! My People! and in so doing you make it possible for the world to hope for the dawn of a new day; that men can remember My promise, the one that speaks of better times, of spirituality, and happiness.

I also say to you: "Let us go to the heart of the children and seek those who lack everything. Behold them - they sleep, and in their sleep there is no reproach toward anyone, even though their bed is very hard."

Today there was no bread upon the table; nevertheless, they rest with hope for a new day. They dress in rags, but they feel no shame, because they are innocent and they smile, though their bodies lack warmth. They are angels on Earth, for in their innocent smiles, they reflect something of the purity of the Heavens.

O! Innocence! Shield them with your mantle, for theirs is the Kingdom of the Heavens.

All of you call this night a Holy Night and I pour a shower of blessings upon all My children.

You must know that I am yours and you are mine. Remember that I proved My love, coming to live amongst you humble people, being born in poverty, struggling among thistles, and dying in disgrace.

You cannot say that I do not understand you, for I not only have seen your pain, but I have lived through it.

I also speak about the elderly, those who long ago left the prime of their lives, and now they feel the cold of winter. As they grow older, they are lacking strength, the energy, and health; the work becomes heavy, their limbs turn sluggish, and their services are no longer needed for work.

Thus the elderly see themselves excluded from the struggle of the rest; they feel abandoned, and their heart, depressed, sinks with sadness and has to experience hardship, misery, hunger, and loneliness. I speak about them, because they also need your aid and comfort. Love them, O! My people! And you will have the right to sit at the great table of the spiritual banquet where I will say to you: "Blessed are you who, in imitation of the Master, were able to understand all those who suffer."

Is it possible that the heart of Mankind is not moved before the great scenes of suffering and misery that this Humanity presents? Yes, yes it is possible: though I see those who do not suffer misery regard, with a caressing look, the wealth they possess, with a greater loving care than for those beings, children of God.

Beloved people: You have accompanied Me during these brief moments to visit the needy; blessed are you for that. Do not think that I forsake the rich and the powerful, because apparently they do not need Me; I am the only One who better knows their misery and their bitterness, and who is better aware of their misfortunes; but today they believe to have it all; therefore, why should they seek Me since I am, according to them, the Christ of the sick, of the outcast, of the sorrowful? They are not aware that My mission is to save them from their false splendor, in order to give them the true and eternal happiness.

Aside from you, My people, do you know who else has tenderly listened to My word and has felt her Spirit vibrate with love? It is Mary, the Maternal Spirit who dwells within the bosom of the Creator, and whose essence will always be united with the memory of Jesus.

Her passage on Earth, although longer than mine - because she came before and departed afterward - was short; Her words, brief and sweet, were a celestial caress.

Sense Her in spirit, love Her and seek Her spiritually; know that in as many charitable deeds that you perform, She will be with you; that She has her mantle of intercession and tenderness extended over an ailing and bloody world, and that in each of your complaints or afflictions, you can hear a voice responding with tenderness: "Do not fear, be confident, for I am here."

And thus, My people, you have been with Me; My gentle breath has penetrated into your heart on this Holy Night, and I have made you forget every hardship.

My Peace be with you!

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!