And now......(Drum roll!)
It's time.....(Trumpet fanfare!)
For.......(Awe-struck silence!)


(ApplauseApplauseApplause (READ THE SIGN, PEOPLE! \:D )!)

"The Story of Santa Claus and His Ol' Lady" - Cheech & Chong ("Dr. Demento's Christmas Favorites. CD. Rhino Records).

"Mamama, Donde esta Santa Cley?/The Vato with the bony knee./He runnin' down the street wit' no shoes on his feet......nah, that ain't it!" With this inauspicious beginning, the classic seventies comedy team Cheech & Chong begin their telling of the Santa Claus myth. At it's heart, it's a tender reminder of what makes Christmas great. And then, it takes a sharp turn....

The legend soon veers into references of urban life ("Yeah, he used to live right next door to me. Until he got kicked out." "He got kicked out of the projects, man?"), drug humor ("How did he become real small, man? And how'd he get the reindeer off the ground?" "Oh, well, man, he used some magic dust!" "And that got the reindeer off, man?"), mistaken identity ("Oh, yeah, I know the dude! He and I used to play at the Filmoir, man!" "No, man, Santa Claus is NOT a musician!" "I'm hip! The cat didn't know ANY tunes!"), and revolutionary spirit (Oh, yeah, he always was gettin' pulled over, and searched, and asked for his ID. Just too much hepression!" "No, man, you mean repression!" "Nah, he still comes around, man, but he's got disguises!" "Yeah, he's gone underground!"). In short, irreverent, funny, and without doubt, the cure to any Christmas blues. Listen for it on radio or give it a spin on your CD player. Worth it for a laugh at an old, but still good, story!

Peace and love,


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