when my mother past my father decided he did not
want my stepmother at the funeral

it was not for any propreity

but for his own liking -

he lied to his wife - he said his kids didn't want us there - untrue.

then he lied to everyone and said "she didn't feel ok about coming"

she - his wife then used this against us - in an argument one night - he got caught in the lie - but he didn't care - we can't argue with him as nothing matters

he walked into church the day of my mothers funeral smiling and he waved to me and us in church - waved smiling? -

the day my stepmother's grandmother was on her deathbed - in the hospital many of us
were sitting around her bed crying a bit -
because we loved her - though she was not dead of course - she was commatose -

but we were just saying 'goodbyes"

my father looked to his brother in law - and said

we were all crazy - and that he and the brother in law who was trying to be strong - were the only sane one's here -

this woman even if comatose might have heard him?

and to say a thing - about her -

at her funeral he eulogized her - and shifted gears .... praising her -

even even started to have a sexual fantasy - saying
she was probably a good lover -???

the guy is a sicko

"...do not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous