my frown is turning around.


I even said - I am ready for marriage.

I go out into my dreams ... a lot

happier now - it's a sunny day - and crisp

actually found Beacon Street - and applied for work there -at a flower shop- they need designers -

I love working out - so - I got an application for the gym I go to -

and more!

You all might like Beacon street - such a beautiful high end area -
very colonial -
very 18th Centurey - wow!

so many Irish here -

and they have such a different style - very willing to stop and help with directions or
a chit chat -
they yell out - "hello!" to each other - and lots of babies - ...
and lots of people smiling - lots of euros too - lots of money of course -
handsome people - and a lot of smiles -
well dressed!

Toronto - was a little more stony - and less warm feeling - but more detailed and gentler - not saying - one over the other -

just the 'appetite' is unbridled here -
and there's a vigor -

and zest to this cold - go and get 'em day!

anyway -

I just stopped by Copley Square on my way here - by the big public library
and there's a farmer's market - today
I bought a "whoopie pie" lol for part of my lunch $1.50 -
She asked -
Do you want a bag? - I said - No, I'll eat my 'whoopie' now!" she laughed.
it was funny - and man - dat 'whoopie' was good! chox cake disks -
with butter vanilla frosting inside -
very home made tasting -
(cocoa and flour you could taste!) -

hugs ((xx))

" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous