Hello. This is my very first, and not last, time to the forum here at the MS website. I was not exactly sure on where I should post my question so I assume this is okay to post here? I am just looking for ways to cope and deal, along with accepting, with what has happened to me in my life. Im new here and not 100% sure on how things run, but I guess I am just looking for some advice. Firstly, I have never had any drug problems or any self destructive episodes. I am a very mild mannered, easy going guy who accepts what life has to throw at him and takes it and makes it something better than when he found it. I have accepted what has happened to me and I forgive the person who has done it also. My fiance' is the only person, other than me, who knows about my situation. Im well grounded, in the course of finish my BS in science and going to med-school, getting a house, etc. I just would like to know if anyone has any advice on how to "better" accept what has happened and live with it. Its one of those things where you hear anything that may pertain to it and you have an immediate flashback to the day everything happened. I just would like to know how to accept it and how others have accepted it. Im sorry for the long post, but I would appreciate any insight. Thank you all so much, and I completely stand 110% behind what you are doing. It makes it easier on us all.

Jeeper9787 \:D