I fully intend to use the poll facility, but I am being a bit cautious about 'what' we poll.
I'm trying to avoid anything that could become a 'league table' for some people. Something that could make them think "my case is so common / unusual that it hardly matters" or something like that.
And possibly asking "who, what or where" type questions could be seen that way by some people.

But I'm certainly open to being persuaded different, so what I suggest to you, and anyone else with an idea for a poll, is mentioning the type of poll you'd like to see on the public Survivors forum ( the only one where polls can be held I think - without checking ) and seeing what the reaction is.
If it's favourable and people won't be triggered or upset by it, and they think it will add something to understanding our recovery, then I will knock it together gladly.


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