We meet every Sunday afternoon to offer encouragement and support as fellow survivors of
sexual abuse. We provide a safe environment to discuss dealing with the effects of abuse, ways
to heal, and share available resources. It is not our desire to merely rehash our experiences,
but to work towards a healthier future. In supporting each other we hope to help one another
move forward with our lives. This is purely a peer support group and is not facilitated by a

We are currently meeting in a safe and comfortable community center with other men who
have contacted us prior to coming to a meeting. We prefer to talk or e-mail with men before
they come to a meeting to let them know what to expect and then give them the location of the meeting. This also helps in building a safe environment for survivors to share. We ask that
all members of the group respect the privacy of each member and not repeat what is discussed
nor disclose who is attending. You may contact the phone number or e-mail listed below to
discuss attending a meeting and to learn the location and date of the next meeting.
Most survivors do not become perpetrators of abuse themselves. This group is for non-offending
survivors. If you are a survivor and are abusing others we urge you to find appropriate help.This group would not be appropriate for you.

Meetings are held Sundays from 4pm to 6pm, just off the 405 freeway in Marina del Rey
For more information, please call (562) 673-5815 or (213) 840-8705;
or send an e-mail to: imasurvivorLA@aol.com

If you would like to contact me (Born to Resist) about this meeting please PM me since I do not check the Discussion Board often.