Here is an event that was emailed to me tonight. I do know Jodi that is putting this event on and would highly recomend an event that she puts together. I realize it is in Miami but just in case there are others around this area who may wish to take part in this.

Healthy Anger:
Agent for Change

Sunday • September 26, 2004 • 10am-6pm

Anger is an energy – a powerful impetus for change in our lives and the world. It is the emotion of motivation, mobilization and action. It lets us know who we are, where our boundaries stand, and when we’re out of sync with what’s good for us.

Yet so many of us fear anger, our own and that of others. We’ve been taught that anger is bad, dangerous, even unspiritual. To cope, we might swallow our anger, smothering it into a nagging ache of resentment and victimization. Or perhaps we project our anger, losing our temper and blaming those around us. Some of us even deny our anger, putting on a happy face or agreeable attitude just to keep the peace.

Like any other energy, anger must be harnessed and grounded to be safe and effective. Disowned anger is a destructive force. But when we own our anger, we honor our truth and empower ourselves to make healthy changes.

Learn to acknowledge, accept and own your anger in a safe, small, supportive setting through body exercises, expressive arts, meditation, role-playing, and more. This one-day workshop will help you take stewardship of your anger so you can channel it productively your life, improve your emotional communication skills, and strengthen your relationships by also allowing others their feelings without threat.

Self-investment: $100 ($75 non-refundable deposit)
Location: Evolutionary Healing, 6350 Sunset Dr., 3rd Flr., So. Miami
Facilitator: Jodi Rodgers, Certified Radix Practitioner
Contact: 786.246.8004;

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