My counselor is beginning an 8 week topic/discussion therapy group next Wednesday July 21st in Vancouver WA. If you are interested or have questions, contact her via the information below. This will be my first therapy group specifically geared toward male SAR. I'm a little anxious but I look forward to what it will do for my (and others) recovery. I hope others in the area can benefit from it as well.

MODS: I PM'd Fred last week regarding this posting and he saw no objection to posting the info.

Men’s Sexual Abuse Recovery Group

Wednesday Evenings for Eight Weeks, 7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m., July 21 – Sept. 15

This group is a theraputic recovery group for men who were sexually abused before the age of 18. It will be led by Tamera Smith Allred, M.A., Counseling Psychology, who specializes in sexual abuse/trauma recovery and sexual addiction. A commitment for the entire 8 weeks is required. Group members need to be in recovery. Each week will focus on a specific topic as listed below.

· Beginning to Talk About It Out Loud
The healing process, the legacy of sexual abuse, coping mechanisms

· Now You Are Strong Enough
Secret keeping and shame, safely telling your story

· Releasing the Shame
How shame cloaks survivors from being fully alive, reclaiming your life

· Building Support
An exploration of the context in which the abuse happened, how to build positive support now, trusting again

· Setting Boundaries
Survivors often struggle with setting boundaries – being either too rigid or too relaxed. How to create safety and still be free

· Exploring Safe Intimacy
Survivors can be confused by their sexuality and may struggle with intimacy. An exploration of how to reclaim your sexuality

· Taking Back Your Power – Then and Now
How to move from a victim stance to a stance of confidence and personal power

· Ongoing Recovery
Tools for dealing with ongoing recovery issues

Registration Information:
Location: 601 E. McLoughlin, Vancouver
Fee: Special Discount Rate of $20 per session or $135 for the entire 8
week program.
To Register: Call 360-903-1436

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