Well folks, it's been in the works for awhile and I'm getting things organized to provide a place where we can post our creative works of self expression:
and who knows what all.

Blog? A web log most commonly used by people who have their own web site where they post their thoughts and diaries of daily activity. The software I'm using can be used in a variety of ways and seems to be a good way to allows the posting of a wide variety of files types and formats.

Why not do this on the MaleSurvivor web site, or here in the forums? MS doesn't have the resources (money, disk space, mangement time) to allow us to post our stuff here, at least not at this point in time.

This blog is something I'm doing for a number of reasons:
A venue for my technical education on web site development,
I have my own creative things I'd like to share with you all,
I have the time and some energy to put into the maintenance of this,
I wanted to be able to offer this to the MS community because we are not just men in distress; we all have creativity within us, some of us have found ways to express it that lends itself to sharing online.

Anonymity, privacy, safety and security for those who share are all concerns of mine. I've more tweaking to do along these lines to make the blog something we're all comfortable with using and posting our stuff to.

This blog is a work in progress, from both a technical view and how it can be used. To that end, I welcome your thoughts and comments on what it can become. If this takes off and is used and a benefit to others here, I envision seeking help from the MS community to maintain the blog and ensure safety and sound editorial judgement.

Please stop by the blog and add your comments to one of two catagories I've set up. Comments can be seen and added by clicking on the underscored word "Comments (n)".

The blog can be found clicking this link or by cutting and pasting this into your browser - http://www.kreema-viro.net/kvBlogs/.


p.s. Kreema Viro is esperanto for "Creative Men"