How you been dad? I know we have not talked in several years. I don't think you'd recognize me anymore if it weren't for the fact that I look just like you. It use to hurt when relatives told me it was a shame that I looked just like you and not like my mom. When I look in the mirror thought I no longer see you anymore. I see myself, I see myself for who I am. I would like to tell you that even though you were never man enough to be a father my mom did a very good job raising my brother and I. My mom is not the weak person you made her out to be. She survived you and she kept a roof over our heads at all times even if it was made out of cardboard. She unlike you knew what it meant to survive. She had no shame in asking for help when she needed it because she knew that it is human to ask for help when things are tough. I'd like to tell you that mom is a lot better without you. You did nothing but keep us down. I'm sure that the person you are with now will eventually get to know you for the person you really are and I hope they either leave your for their own sake or by some miracle help you become a real man. I'd like you to know that you are a grandfather now. You have a grandchild which you will never meet. He is a beautiful child and as myself and as god is my witness I promise to love that child unconditionally. I will pass on to that child all my beliefs and dreams for the future. I will nurture that child and allow him to experience the beauty and innocence of a childhood. Something which you stole so crudely from my brother and I. It feels weird to refer to you as "dad". I don't know what a dad is. "Dad" to me was a guy who I tried to avoid at all costs. "Dad" is a person who I never met. I can honestly say though that it's ok. Like my mom always said "Better off alone then with bad company." I'd like to tell you that I wish you well. I know that somewhere in that black heart of yours it feels something. I know that one day you will see what a lost soul you are. It hurts that you weren't there when I hurt. It hurts that you weren't there for me to hug and tell me everything was ok. Because of you I had to find comfort elsewhere even if it was the wrong kind of affection from strangers. I'd like to thank you dad for making me the person I am today. My eyes are open to the world. I see the world for what it is and what it can become. Because of your torture I have become a person who knows who they are and who knows the potential he possess. I'd like to thank you because now I have the upper hand. I'm not young and scared anymore dad ,I carry with me memories,
knowledge, and the key to the future which is myself. I thought before I wrote this that I would be crying my eyes out but I'm not because to tell you the truth I've cried enough and basically your really not worth it. May god have mercy on your soul dad.
your grown son,