Re: It's great not having to hide

Posted by: yesac76

Re: It's great not having to hide - 08/04/04 04:54 AM

She asked if you were straight or gay? What's it to her? Maybe she was hitting on you?!!? SOunds like a nosy-ass question. I thought I was nosy!

Posted by: Abe

Re: It's great not having to hide - 08/04/04 10:10 AM

Congratulations! It doesn't seem like a nosy question to me, unless you feel there's some shame attached to the answer. And it is one that Doctors typically ask, in my experience, as it gives them some idea of health-related issues to watch for. So its nice to feel able to give a matter-of-fact response to what is probably a matter-of-fact question.

Posted by: Aden

Re: It's great not having to hide - 08/04/04 03:21 PM

It is good to be able to respond to that question honestly. It's not one that I get asked often these days. But it helps when dealing with old addages like "Know thy self" and To thine own self be true"

The ability to say who you are without shame or guilt or undue hesitation is is a kind of freedom we didn't have when we were younger.

Now I seriously don't suggest having the word "Queer" tatooed on your forehead. But it is nice to be at peace enough with your sexuality that you can embrace it at the proper times.