Posted by: ak

Olympics? - 08/15/04 08:27 AM

Is anyone else watching these? It is difficult for me, the commenting, as it is in English, so I know I miss much the 'stories' of some the athletes. But I been watching some tonight. It is interesting, I do not understand some of these summer sports. (Synchronized diving? When is that in a sport? And beach vollyball, along with regular?) They just don't make great sense to me. But it is exciting to watch. I hope that Michael Phelps from America will make his goal in swimming. That will be nice to watch in the next two weeks.

Oh, yes, and I want to win Olympics one day! ;\)


Posted by: yesac76

Re: Olympics? - 08/15/04 09:00 AM

I have been watching hours and hours. I even watch sports I don't like (table tennis). I had never hearsd of synchronized diving before.

Posted by: Leosha

Re: Olympics? - 08/15/04 09:23 AM

Watching right now, as I can't sleep (surprise) and Susanna is total asleep. Watching men's beach volleyball. I am, um, not intrigued. I prefer the swimming/diving events, and track and field.

Oh and Andrei? You will! ;\)


Posted by: Bill_1965

Re: Olympics? - 08/16/04 01:32 AM

I'm watching right now, my favorite summer olympic sport - gymnastics. Currently the womens.

I'm lucky enough to be next to Canada so I can pick up CBC coverage. Not so USA bias.


Andrei, I can't wait to watch you in the olympics.


Posted by: Mike Church

Re: Olympics? - 08/16/04 01:37 AM

Bill you are right the CBC does an excellent job covering the olympics. One of the few things they do right EH?

And Andrei I know damned well you are gonna win a gold medal because of your desire and the size of your heart and soul.

Posted by: outis

Re: Olympics? - 08/16/04 02:20 AM

I've seen a little bit of it. My daughter wanted to see the opening ceremonies to see the Swedish team. American Girl Dolls of Many Lands got her interested in Sweden. Unless we have some Viking blood in the Irish ancestry. She takes gymnastics now, so she wants to see that, too. They don't do equestrian events, do they?

Anyway, I did see the synchronized diving. I know I can't do that!

BYW, Andrei, we are and will be cheering for you in Maryland!



Posted by: ak

Re: Olympics? - 08/16/04 12:52 PM

The American lady gymnasts are better looking then the Russian ones! I will be looking forward to be watching more of Terin Humphrey and the others this week! ;\)


Posted by: Archnut

Re: Olympics? - 08/22/04 01:14 PM

Go Paula go!

We also have another world beater who has just won the 2004 Run Across America, starting at Huntington Beach California on June 12th 2004, and finishing some 71 days later in New York.

He's finished equating to running two marathons a day

Bobby run can be read about here


As a part time archaeologist it horrified me to read that the rowing venue was site of the Battle of marathon.

Go Paula Go!


Posted by: Archnut

Re: Olympics? - 08/23/04 04:44 PM



Posted by: Leosha

Re: Olympics? - 08/29/04 07:03 AM

Was watching these again tonight. Mike, Despatie, he done good, just had a few rough rounds it seems. He is 19. He will be back!