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Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Bible Study (notes) by WG @ 05/25/17 09:13 AM

So very true - we can do the 'peaceable thing' and others see it as weakness when it can be just the opposite. I'm normally a pretty just-average-walkin'-along-guy'. There are times, however, when I have had to let others feel the weight of who I am.
Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: not such a good day by WG @ 05/25/17 09:06 AM

Sometimes words fail us at times like these. Please know that many of us understand and sympathize. Be sure you take some time for yourself to process and say good-bye. Like sorryson said - 'Think of the good memories' - it's what I do and it's good
Survivors of Female Abuse
Jump to new posts Re: Images in head? by LinEar @ 05/25/17 08:31 AM

Definitely normal. I think allowing them to "just be" is the right thing to do. Before I became fully aware, or "remembered" my abuse, I'd get a fragmented flash of his face very infrequently -- maybe every 2-3 years or so. I'd s
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Re: Pissed off by bluesky @ 05/25/17 08:29 AM

The reality is that society's views sex with kids as no big deal. Look at the "Great" Woody Allen and Michael Jackson two molesters that never even had a trial. Not only that the are loved and there art is worshipped. To me it is the rot
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Re: Pissed off by George @ 05/25/17 07:46 AM

Oh Man, I heard that result and just figured something big must've came to light to exonerate the guy... "The result??? The jury found him not guilty. In the words of the jury foreman, he said he couldn't convict the man because "we had h
U.S. & World News
I loved this guy, I thought he was epitome of Cool as 007 in the Bond films. I was shocked in reading this story that he was a CSA survivor. From the Brietbart News Network; The British actor died Tuesday after a short battle with cancer, accord
Survivors of Female Abuse
Jump to new posts Images in head? by anonDK @ 05/25/17 06:35 AM

I have a pretty vivid inner world. That's just who I am. I want to know if it's normal (like a normal reaction), when working on integrating traumatic event, to experience vague, fragmented images in head, that changes rapidly, dissolves, turn into s
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Healing Circle - Cancelled Sunday May 28, 2017 by Anomalous @ 05/25/17 05:42 AM

Hi Guys, The Healing Circle is cancelled for Sunday, May 28, 2017. Anomalous
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Eulogy for My Molester by Can_I_Do_This @ 05/25/17 02:40 AM

Originally Posted By Chase Ericthe thought I might fall back into this pattern was not even on my radar until today. When we've suffered core injuries as we have it's typical to "fall into" old self-protective behaviors during times of str
Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: Seventh Discussion Question: Applying research by SubtleStuff @ 05/24/17 11:58 PM

Yes, Hani Miletski's book (Mother-son Incest: The Unthinkable Broken Taboo) is strongly slanted towards research results. It was very helpful to my seeing that what happened to me was real and hurtful. I've also used research results to prepare to p
Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: Sixth Discussion Board Question: Dissemination by SubtleStuff @ 05/24/17 11:46 PM

Via MaleSurvivor Newsletter and communications to local and national support organizations.
Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: Fifth Discussion Board Question: Facilitators by SubtleStuff @ 05/24/17 11:44 PM

Knowing about its existence.
Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: Fourth Discussion Question: Barriers by SubtleStuff @ 05/24/17 11:40 PM

I've never before this been aware of researchers that were seeking the participation of male survivors in a study.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Eulogy for My Molester by Chase Eric @ 05/24/17 11:31 PM

Thank you Daniel and CIDT. I am not sure I deserve the praise you shared, CIDT, but I do thank you and certainly appreciate the spirit of your words. They do lift me up. That said, I am falling back into a weird pattern of accidents. I slipped al
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: In a funk or just F..... by zookeeper @ 05/24/17 11:01 PM

Sometimes words are my worst enemy. The more I write and talk the deeper my mood gets. So let me give what I have left (((((blue sky)))))) Brian
Books, Music & Films for Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Barry Crimmins by Chris4TheMill @ 05/24/17 10:15 PM

I have not heard of him, but thanks for informing us about this.
Books, Music & Films for Survivors
Jump to new posts Barry Crimmins by HowardCosell1990 @ 05/24/17 09:49 PM

Have any of you guys followed the story of the comedian Barry Crimmins? He was big in the '80s, very funny, often political, helped break other folks in like Bobcat Goldthwait and Tom Kenny. He was raped as a young boy and in the '90s worked to tackl
Jump to new posts Re: Hi guys - I'm the dirty little hero by lapchinj @ 05/24/17 09:45 PM

Hey πŸ’˜ EricπŸ’˜ You are number one in my book πŸ† . I've heard enough of your story over the last few years, since I've been here, and you always called yourself "dirty". I don't think that is at all accurate. I know from earlier discus
Jump to new posts Re: Her by Tom E. @ 05/24/17 09:24 PM

YES... unconditional love conquers all.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I'm a protector by LinEar @ 05/24/17 09:00 PM

dac/physicsfriend: Not off topic at all. Good on you for recognizing the need to be "selfish", i.e., appropriately taking care of yourself first! Self-loathing, as you mentioned, is yet another topic that usually comes wrapped up in codepen
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Pick yourself up dust yourself off restart again!? by Broknwings @ 05/24/17 08:51 PM

hitting restart is exactly what I call it in fact.
Jump to new posts Her by anonDK @ 05/24/17 07:45 PM

i thought it was so easy but the more i learn the more i know that monsters aren't under my bed or around me they are inside my head they are plenty some of them are nice and seem even nicer when greeted with a hug one of them seem nice she looks all
Gay/Bi/Trans Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Test - Challenge by Shyshark @ 05/24/17 07:04 PM

Hi Elad ... Does he know about your abuse? also ... Does he come to your home?
Jump to new posts This is how it is. A continuation of Tante by bluesky @ 05/24/17 06:27 PM

Continuation of Tante. This is the sadness that I live. This is the feeling that I feel. This is the pain of my wounds. This is that ghost that haunts my mind and body. This is the death of a child that still lives. This is the call of my hea
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Hey guys - I do understand now - UPDATED 05/23 by Ceremony @ 05/24/17 05:59 PM

Thank you CIDT, Quote: I'm my parents now, and I tell me I love me and I'm proud of myself every day without fail
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