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Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Am I broken? by George @ 8 minutes 13 seconds ago

Tyler, We are social creatures by nature, everyone wants to be loved and shown proper affection, a hug, a pat on the shoulder, etc... Sex after sexual abuse, you are not alone in feeling non sexual *at the present*. Some of us are over sexed, som
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Sunday Healing Circle - Cancelled March 5, 2017 by Anomalous @ Today at 08:29 PM

Hi Guys, The Healing Circle is cancelled for Sunday, March 5, 2017. Anomalous
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Things boys discover by greenwizard @ Today at 08:20 PM

I'm not a boy, but I have discovered that in a pinch, if your hands are really dry, your girlfriend's body butter works. It makes the palms of your hands really shiny though.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: today by greenwizard @ Today at 08:08 PM

I told my girlfriend. Then she talked me into calling N. He assured me it was fine given the circumstances. He thinks maybe my brain offered a tidbit of a buried memory because I was told I needed it to help my case. Despite being scared I still
Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: Third Discussion Board Question: Service Use by zookeeper @ Today at 07:56 PM

Cognitive Process Therapy was most helpful.
Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: Second Discussion Board Question: Priorities by zookeeper @ Today at 07:55 PM

Trauma, PTSD, long term outcomes
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: The Firsts-Trigger Warning by bluesky @ Today at 07:52 PM

Yale Research Project
Jump to new posts Re: First discussion board question! by zookeeper @ Today at 07:48 PM

Malesurvivor, some in the news
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Note To Self: What I Think Of You by greenwizard @ Today at 07:33 PM

Thanks for this. I have so much trouble believing anything good about myself. Every time someone says I'm a good person I think they're just being nice. When I up and bugged my therapist earlier he pretty much told me I need to start believing it.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts The Firsts-Trigger Warning by zookeeper @ Today at 07:32 PM

I remember the firsts. I remember the first time you took my toddler hand and put it onto your adult body, the first time you told me it was just a game. I remember first time I tried to tell you no when you demanded more than I would give. I rememb
Male Survivors
I've kept up with Kevin's posts sorryson, he's with a network of very compassionate and proactive friends. And hopefully his closest partner has had time to join him. She sounds like a very calming influence. He needs a retreat for sure. Good to se
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Am I broken? by greenwizard @ Today at 07:15 PM

No need to apologize. I never heard of it until I met that man either. It could be because of what your uncle did, I can't answer that. But you are definitely not alone.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Am I broken? by TylerZ @ Today at 05:42 PM

I've never heard of asexual. If that is what I am, I apologize for putting this post in this forum. I thought maybe my uncle had screwed something up to where I don't want that type of stuff anymore. Thx for your input.
Jump to new posts Re: My Poem about Mom. by zookeeper @ Today at 05:40 PM

My heart goes out to you and I share the burden of having a mother who twisted our relationship into something sick. The exact details matter so much less than the bigger picture.......a sick woman may do the things they did, but not a mother. And w
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Note To Self: What I Think Of You by BDD @ Today at 05:35 PM

Bri, So true. If you do find you need anything else, please be sure to get it. Battle your demons and come home to peace. Thank you, Bri
Male Survivors
Ceremony I am doing ok. Some ups and downs. I have some good days and others days not so good. My wife had medical procedures and is now on the mend. I am taking care of her as she has taken care of me all these years. The family still struggles, m
Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Wh among you still believes in God? by Jer @ Today at 04:42 PM

I also believe in an higher power/purpose, but I don't follow the traditional scriptures or teachings.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Does anybody else do this? by sorryson @ Today at 04:38 PM

greenwizard you are not weird. It took courage to ask the question. I think CSA and rape leave us feeling different. It changes how we think. You are trying to let your abuse out through writing. You are writing from what you felt as a victim. I h
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Note To Self: What I Think Of You by sorryson @ Today at 04:35 PM

Zookeeper you are right. I just have to make it work for me. I worry about others and what they think. I know I am a good person but need it validated. I am not sure why. My counselor says it is from the abuse and the constant turmoil Mama and her
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Being validated and it's purpose by sorryson @ Today at 04:33 PM

I relate to much of what you wrote. I like to feel validated that people appreciate me and do not make fun of me. I have bee emotionally weak and let people run over me from an early age. Mainly it was family and i became them. By becoming them I
Jump to new posts Re: Hello Everyone by sorryson @ Today at 04:29 PM

Winterfr3sh I am sorry you suffered so much. Religion when too strict can cause a lot pain, fear and guilt. I know the religion of my family affected me and what I did not tell about the teacher priest. We feared the priest and I learned from Mama
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Does anybody else do this? by Jer @ Today at 04:23 PM

I don't think it is weird at all. Seems very therapeutic to me.
Jump to new posts Fort Worth/Dallas, TX Support by Jer @ Today at 03:08 PM

Any support groups in the Fort Worth/Dallas, TX area?
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Things boys discover by Jer @ Today at 02:59 PM

when you learn you can ride your bike faster than you older brother
Sexual Identity Issues
Jump to new posts Re: So sure I was gay... by EdfromNYC @ Today at 02:39 PM

You're definitely not mad. I had a similar experience. I also had many people try to guide me away from what you're experiencing. Your story is one that makes people very uncomfortable - the possibility of being completely wrong about being gay and
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