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Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Tell your Story by tbkkfile @ 45 minutes 28 seconds ago

Olave As woodenshoes says, it's sad that you're here and I hope that you find some answers and healing. As for your suggestion and I'll say this in the kindest way that I can, and this is just my opinion, others may disagree. The idea of being film
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: just make it stop by MarkK @ Yesterday at 10:35 PM

i don't want to do it any more
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts In The Company Of Strangers by zookeeper @ Yesterday at 10:07 PM

The exit sign kept blinking off and on. It gave an occasional reddish cast the poorly lit waiting room of the bus terminal. Seated on the grimy plastic chairs was a collection of the detritus of mankind. An older man, in dirty work clothes sat, stupe
Jump to new posts Re: Dissociative Flashback by Shyshark @ Yesterday at 09:40 PM

Thank you ... I'm glad it was helpful.
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Jump to new posts test by fiksegts @ Yesterday at 09:40 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Questions from a newbie by George @ Yesterday at 07:41 PM

Ollie, I read your story too, it is very painful and brings out anger for the priest & sorrow for you when I read it. They are all painful stories, some are written fuller than others, as the writers can handle...and that's ok. "Trigger w
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Longing to recover myself by Ceremony @ Yesterday at 07:27 PM

Men, who know me because of whom you are, what you've suffered. Please make me worthwhile that you keep at this most difficult task. I sound pitiful, eh? It's me, it's the tears I have to try and type through... You men, I keep reading, and seeing m
Jump to new posts Re: Am I man enough? by Ceremony @ Yesterday at 06:50 PM

You wonderful men. I'm so blessed. I follow a lot of things and my hope for our transgender brothers and sisters is a real thing to me. To read this today makes me cry with some joy, and pain that kittylover didn't stay. To me, this love, this open w
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Anger Why Won't It Go Away by Ceremony @ Yesterday at 06:33 PM

Thanks for sharing your concerns sorryson. I see your sensitivity, your hope to be aware of others. Your worry about that anger. I've shared today about mine. I've read the same around the Forum threads. We, you, I, and so many get each other. In a
Jump to new posts Re: Multiple Forms of Rape by Ceremony @ Yesterday at 05:44 PM

Yes, very true. And so we push on, and trod through the makings of causation. Not dismiss them, they are who we are, but perhaps I'll try the word harness, that we harness the causes to our use. I'm exploring anger. Not bad, not good, just exploring.
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Jump to new posts Re: Thinking out loud: Who am I? by oliverwendell @ Yesterday at 05:40 PM

I doubt that your thoughts dried up. You fingers simply needed to take a breath. Some really great thoughts are coming from those fingers. Keep it up my new friend, as will I.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Why do I feel like I need to apologize? by George @ Yesterday at 05:37 PM

No, I never felt the need to apologize for what was done to me. Everyone is different. While we still react & have a lot of the same feelings due to the similarities of our csa, there still will be some differences and that's ok. I was kind of ja
Jump to new posts My Ghost by NowICanSee @ Yesterday at 05:14 PM

I feel you in my stomach The seed of my self doubt You conquered me with fear Left shame where I was proud You taught me your betrayal The boy left broke in two Lost for 30 years All memory of you You were the monster You were the dark You were the
Survivors of Female Abuse
Jump to new posts Blocked memories by NowICanSee @ Yesterday at 05:04 PM

I read in Mike Lew's Victims No Longer that survivors of female sexual abuse are more likely to forget about it (through Dissociative Disorders). What is everyone else's experience? I'm 33 and just recovered my memory of what happened to me a few mo
Jump to new posts Lee County Florida Group Meetings? by oliverwendell @ Yesterday at 05:00 PM

I would be interested in possibly meeting with a local group in or near Lee County Florida, Fort Myers area. Please pm me if you know of one. Thanks Ollie
Jump to new posts Re: Looking For Support Group-Cleve/Akron-Canton by oliverwendell @ Yesterday at 04:46 PM

May I ask how your support group has been structured or are you flying by the seats of your pants? Not that I would be opposed to flying. Sometimes structure can get in the way. I thought I would try and find one in my area and was just wondering. Ol
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Searching for a therapist by oliverwendell @ Yesterday at 04:36 PM

omg.. I just had a terrible thought! What if your signature is not from the John Wayne classic El Dorado? But on the bright side at least my terrible thought did not have anything to do with a penis! Now that's what I call real progress..
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: interesting revelation by Shyshark @ Yesterday at 01:26 PM

Ceremony's isn't at all off base. She's getting old. There comes a time when a child ends up parenting their parent and everybody knows that can be more than a little challenging in some cases. I was very lucky with my Mom. I'm talking to a few fri
Jump to new posts Re: I am looking for your support and guidance by oliverwendell @ Yesterday at 01:14 PM

Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: setbacks by KMCINVA @ Yesterday at 08:35 AM

Iaccus I am sorry to hear of the setback. The physical pain is the muscle memories reminding you of what happened. I know it is difficult, you gain traction and believe you are moving forward and then wham. I did learn one thing about setbacks. I wa
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: csa wins again??..... by WG @ Yesterday at 08:05 AM

You are most for the re-posting...if that's the worst thing that happens this week, you're doing pretty well.....
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Jump to new posts Re: i love you by Sterling @ 10/26/16 07:05 PM

" I am going to keep doing it too. It's keeping me sane. I'm a fighter I say, I don't care what others want to do to me, I'm a fighter!" RIGHT ON CEREMONY! "No one gets to mess with me!! So, bye bye they go!" FUCKIN EH BUD
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: PA State Attorney General by motmcd @ 10/26/16 04:10 PM

Update: I am testifying November 9th before a grand jury.
Jump to new posts Re: Peace by zookeeper @ 10/26/16 12:26 PM

Understand and appreciate your words my friends. Thanks for being open and honest. B
Jump to new posts Re: Cleveland, OH Group by zookeeper @ 10/26/16 12:19 PM

Thanks to those who attend our first support group meeting last night. It seemed be a success. Our next group is MONDAY, November 7th at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing you all.
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